Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Bottle of Red Wine - Big Sis Wise Mode

this is the Broadcast Message Blog by my lovely big sister, which turns into her wise mode after got some "drunk" sessions *as what I've been told :P* during her relaxation time :D No editing made, so enjoy her writings and thoughts :D


On a one fine day, I'm sitting here alone while enjoying my late brunch (breakfast + lunch), something inspired me after a 'deep' chat with my lovely-fiery-gutsy brother :D.
I come to realized that we aging like a bottle of red wine.
Do U know why? =D

Let me tell u the reasons B)
* the longer we keep the wine, the better it taste and the pricey it will be.
Same like us, the older we are, we will taste better coz we have grown up to be better person, matured and priceless to have lots of experience.

Not all wine will matured well as time goes by.
And this chapter will be discuss further later when I'm free.
Right now all I want to do is go back to cuci mata :D =))
Finish my lunch alredi and it's time for jalan-jalan ;)
Adios... Ciao!!

Okay, continue chapter 2.
Oh wait, sampe mana liao ya ceritanya tadi? ‎​◦нå◦нã◦нâ◦°

Ohhhh... not all wine ‎​have the same maturity date.

Some wine have better taste at early stage, while most wine will taste better after a long keep. Some people tend to have a matured mind even at young age. Usually, they will have a clearer plans, clearer purposes, clearer aims or goals in their life. While some others are tend to go with the flow in life. As they get older, they will gain more experiences of bittersweet of life. And hopefully, all the life lessons will make him/her to be more mature and better person.

Chapter 3

Human are just like the wine's bottle too. Although it is made of glass but it can't be easily break unless we smash it or hammer it. We certainly have the ups and downs in life. But somehow, we can be strong enough when facing problems in life. We won't break so easily unless we are dead.

Final chapter

Once we open up a bottle of wine, we get to choose either we leave it after the first taste or we drink it up to the last drop. In life, once we get to know someone, we choose either we don't want to be friends with that person or be friends forever and ever till death do us part.

Well...interesting? Hahaha

Credit goes to the author, my lovely and charming big sis, Marinda Thio :D

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  1. It should be only One Chapter, well let's say Two is okay, for she took a coffee break that day.
    But Four Chapters?? I would say Four Paragraphs :P
    Peace Sista ^_^ V
    Cool enuf for 1st time blogging :D


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