Saturday, August 2, 2008

Intersection of Life

whew, it's been a while not posting anything on my blog here hehehe...

hmm, maybe the title of this one might be a lil bit confusing to u guys, since i seldom write anything with such a complicated topic hehehe. The ideas to write this one are coming from a comic book titled as "Law of Ueki Plus", and a Japanese movie titled as "Dear Friends" (u can find this movie on crunchyroll website)..

through our lives, every people lives and grows from a born innocent baby to an adult as well goes old and die. but do u ever realize, that through every seconds in ur lives, there are so many things happened. we came to the Earth, as an innocent born baby, learning each of the things that we experienced on our daily activities; learning to be better from what we are now; as well as meeting some important people in the journey, which we called them as FRIENDS..

every people has their own story for their lives, and in some parts, they might mention some names, and your name in others..

through this thing called as Intersection of Life, we meet up with various types of person, and we call them as our FRIENDS.. meeting up with someone, and being closed to someone, is something that called as a meeting that is occurred once in a lifetime.

from the story of Law of Ueki Plus and Dear Friends, i learn one thing that in my opinion, i need to share as well to others (those who read my blogs ^^)..
i learn that we have to value the preciousness of friendship bonds made in our life.

there is a similarity in the story that i read;
some people might think that friends are there to be used for some advantages that are needed for oneself, which means, while there's nothing we need from them, we don't hav to be around them too much or something like that..

well, if you have a thought like that about friendships, there might be some accidents occurred between you and your friends in the past time, which turned you out to think of it at that way..

(the upcoming would be some kind of spoilers from each story..)
in Law of Ueki Plus story, there was a character, named Byaku, who previously was a nice and kind guy. But because of his friend betrayed him, he turned into a cold-hearted person, until he met up with the main character of the story, Ueki, who always valued the meaning of friendship as a big trust in his naturalness..Ueki succeed proving that friendship should not be valued in the way Byaku sensed as it is..

in the movie of Dear Friends also has a similar story, but it didn't show about why the girl turned out into a bitch and stubborn girl, while in the past she wasn't used to be like that.. she never valued any friendships that she had with her friends, and always be a stubborn girl, eventhough it was against her parents.. she's just turned out to be so proud, because of her beautiness.. but then, she got a cancer, and she vowed herself that she gonna die soon, yet she can't accept that situation..
Soon, she met up with a little girl, and her childhood friend, which slowly but surely proved to her the meaning of true friendship. (try to watch the movie through the link above ^^)

the conclusion of these two stories, is that telling us to value more positively on our friendship, as it is a once in a lifetime meeting, then we need to create good and unforgettable memories towards all of our friends..

we never realize what we have done to someone, it might be something good or something bad..but whatever things that we've done, might affect to someone's life, might be positively or negatively affecting it..

saying sorry might be the hardest thing to do, but it would help in solving problems between friends..

we might grow old and die.. but friendship would never be old and die..

Thanks to all of you out there, who've been the intersection of my life story.. i believe that this is the most precious thing i have in my life, having all of you as my friends :) i would like to apologize if i ever did some bad things and mistakes to all of u..

Friends 4eva..