Saturday, September 13, 2008

Smile :)

hehe. This simple topic may be a good thing to be discussed in today's topic :) Hope u'll enjoy it ^^

Smile. I believe that everyone who reads this blog, and also those people around the world know what smile is :) it is the simple way to express our emotional feeling when we are happy and feel secure on one thing.

I just love to see people's smile, no matter who they are. When we can see someone smiles and cheers for one moment, it would be the best moment that we can see from someone. That simple expression can give a warm and soft feeling around ourselves.

It is the easiest way to greet others as well, although it was a greeting to someone else that you've never met before :) From that simple smile, it shows that we are friendly towards them.

For me, whenever I can draw people to smile, it would be the best moment for me, although it does not have any relations to me. I would be so glad to be the 'ears' of those who wish to complain their problems, and it would be great if I can put up a smile on those who are previously showing sadness on their faces :)

Well, we cannot say that we are going to have good moments all the time, there will be one moment where bad moment might come. Maybe at that moment, we fail to remember on put a smile on ourselves, but there will always be friends around us that we can share or tell our problems. Hmm, yeah, not all of our friends can be trusted about sharing our problems though, but I believe that it would ease our burden after we shared it with our friends. They can give us inputs and supports, which could help us in solving our problems. When the problem is solved, then we can put a smile back on our faces :)

Sometimes, people might put up a fake smile, but it won't be able to cover up the sadness within.

I hope that I didn't make anyone down or sad, but I believe that unconciously, this thing could happen; therefore, I want to apologize if I did that, and I hope that I can be given one chance to put back the smile on your faces :)

Bring the smile up high towards everyone you meet in your life, and when you can see the pure smile of others, I believe, it would be the best moment of your life as well :)



"Don't draw the negative side of yours to face your problems. Try to put it out in the other ways, and think of its positive benefit towards you; therefore, it won't burden you more, and cheer up ur life :)" - anonymous