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Holla! It's a pleasure to know there are people who read along my blog story :) Thanks for paying a visit here :D

Wanna know me more? Here's the conclusion on how to describe me best :) *you may kindly add a testimonial about me through the comments, just add what do you think about this guy who puts his time around to write something here :)*

This is me, a simple and ordinary guy, who:
  • Tends to try doing things in extra-ordinary ways *mostly people wouldn't really understand what I am doing till I finished it up
  • Loves to play basketball around, though his skills is just averagely in dribbling, accurately in shooting *in some particular times when it gets on-fire mode haha*
  • Loves to sing and dance around, though only having an ordinary voice :) Check the performance on the list here, hopefully I can add more if you feel like it :D
  • Tends to do something stoopid *don't laugh! as if you're not?!*.. Well, maybe not as stoopid as I did hehe..
  • Loves to tell a story about my thoughts, actions, or silly things happening *that's why this blog is created.. Sometimes, I feel like I tend to embarrass myself a lot in this blog, no?*
  • Is a great sinner, who tries to find his way back to the right path, through the supports and assistance of his Second Family
  • Cares about social issue around himself, tries to help whenever he could
  • Has two good ears to listen to problems that you want to share / tell, and trying his best to give advice whenever it is necessary
Is that all? I don't think so, maybe there's more that I haven't realized yet. You tell me! Give your comments / testimonials *good and bad sides* about me on this page, so I could know what you guys think about me, and others could know about it more :) Really appreciates your comments here..

Find me more on my Twitter and Facebook account :) *FYI, my facebook account is limited to those who is close to me.. If you want to add, please leave a note on my messageBox, so I know who you are :)* #sokBerasaArtis :P

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