Thursday, November 26, 2009

Graduation!! Finally!

hi all ;) finally, seems to be four years of my study end up! Since November 21, 2009, I was officially named Edwin Tjandera, S.Kom.! hehe.. this should be something to be proud of haha.. though i didn't get any awards from my study, but i learned so many experiences through the years.. maybe all of these experiences can be read through the previous blogs i posted from friendster blog and this new blog :) hehe

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leave the rest to Him

hellow.. finally got some time to update the story hehe.. actually i want to share something about my com cell session, topic about Love, brought by Angelia Tjoa (thanks for the sharing ^^) but i just don't bring the paper along while i'm typing this (sorryy..), so i came up with another story to tell, but sorry for using bahasa on today's post, just difficult to explain in better English, so just have it on the next one :) hope y'all enjoy..