Tuesday, October 23, 2007

From Zero to Hero

From Zero to Hero


In this world, everyone is a hero, but people seldom see themselves as one. One small event occurred can make someone, who is not well-known by any other people, become a hero.

Here is the story of a poor boy, who later becomes a hero for people in his surroundings.

There was a poor boy, which usually lives around the national park. He was so thin and dirty, that some people who passed the park would feel nasty on him, but some gave some money for him to buy foods. Although he was so poor, he never felt to give up on his life. He always tried to cheer and motivate himself. Whenever he met people in the park, he would smile slightly and nod to the people; though some people feel nasty on it. He did not put himself doing nothing in the park; he always wakes up early in the morning, just to help in cleaning up the park.

The only person who knew his deed was the officer guard. The officer sometimes had a time to chat with the boy, and shared his meals to the boy.

One day, the officer asked the boy, “Why don’t you try to find another work, rather than you just stay here in the park? You can stay in my place if you wish to.”

But the boy answered, “Well, I don’t know what to say, but I love to stay in this park. I feel happy whenever I see people passing by this park, and have a happy face around. Seeing them like that, somehow I feel happy as well. Though I don’t get any money from them, as long as I see them happy, I would feel the same as well.”

Hearing what the boy said, he suddenly came up with an idea, by promoting him as a worker in the park and he asked the boy to stay along with him. The boy felt so happy to hear that, and he accepted the opportunity. He started to work immediately, and he did his work well. The park was nicely looked, and always looked clean around. Most of the people who passed the park feel comfortable, and many people came to the park for a walk. The boy felt so happy to see that. He sometimes spared his time to have a chat with the people around, and they felt nice to have a chat with him.

One night, there was an accident happened. There were two girls passing the park on their way back home. When they passed the park, they were being attacked by someone, and it was reported to the police. The issue was spread so fast, that less people wanted to pass the park anymore. Seeing the situation like this, the boy felt so sad, because he could not see any crowds anymore in the park. Suddenly, he came up with the idea to add something to the park. He came up with the idea to add food stall around the park, so that people can have their meal and leisure time at the same time. His idea was supported by everyone. The park was back alive after the idea was realized. Everyone was happy to be there, and the number of people was increasing each day.

Several days after, when the boy was having a time to walk at that night, the burglar was coming back again, and aimed for another victim. The boy saw it was so suspicious, that he followed the burglar. When the burglar was trying to begin his action, the boy suddenly jumped to the burglar, and they had a small fight. The burglar was holding a knife, and it sliced the neck of the boy. The burglar was trying to run away, but fortunately, there were officers patrolling around at that time, and the burglar was caught by the officers. The boy was immediately brought to the nearest medical centre to have a medical treatment on his wound.

His bravery story became a discussion amongst people, especially those who often spent time to walk on the park. The boy became famous around the park. But unfortunately, the boy was passed away after the attack; he was bleeding and it could not stop bleeding. The officers were trying to find the nearest hospital, but it was too late; he was died on the trip to the hospital.

His deed became memories to the park. He had tried to make a lively park, and contributed so much to the park, that the park is now well-known amongst people. The officers decided to put the articles about the boy’s heroic story on the board around the park, so that people could know about how hard the boy had contributed for the park. He started himself from zero, and ends up as a hero to the park.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

how men's and women's way of thought...

hmm...somehow, dunno why i could suddenly think bout this case, but it just past in my mind just an hour ago..this topic might be interesting to everyone who read this ^^ well, no hard feelings and no offense on anybody okay? it was just opinion about common stuff..it was just a part of my self survey result, correct me if i am wrong in the comment post ^^

let's just start then..

well, as the part of relationship, there might be conflict between each other (it's quite true rite?)..no relationships that can run smoothly without any problems occured between both..

in my point of view, i had already got and heard several cases of the problems, and the major problem is just on how men's and women's way of thought...

let's check it first from what most women might think of (since i am a man, and mostly have problems with girls lah ya..)
from men's point of views, women are so complicated (no offense and no hard feelings once again)..

why could men think like that?
first, for men, we somehow don't really aware on such a small issue, but for women, they do..somehow a small issue could be raised into a big issue, and then it becomes greater and greater...
second, we somehow feel weird on girls, they could suddenly be bored or mad on something, while previously everything was just fine..this situation makes boys feel difficult to understand girls...well, it could be understood some ways, for example if at that time they are having their period times (is it true gals?? just my assumption loh..no hard feelings yah)..but sometimes, they could be like that because of small issue (again..)

now, from women's point of views, men are also so complicated (it happens the same way but in different thoughts..for gals, correct me if i'm wrong yah )..

why could women think like that?
first, there are too many things that should be understood from men..they might think that boys always wish of so many things, that girls will come end with stress out with this kind of things..
second, boys sometimes don't try hard to understand how girls' feeling..for this case, i still have no idea bout it since i'm not a woman ^^ so help us (boys) out yah gals ^^ we do try hard, but sometimes we just don't get the idea of the perfect solution..

hmm,,i think there might be more from gals, but i dunno how to write it down ^^ so i think dat's all...

this blog might create a pro&contra situation, i hope that there will be no word-wars or fight against this topic...i just hope that for those who read this blog could share their idea or thought, so that we could understand more...lookin for the cooperation...enjoy!! ^^

(whew...seems like an essay already yak? hiks, just make me feel more get into wrong major of study T_T)