Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This Little Thing

Every single thing in life happens through the little things we do in our daily. Those little things, no matter how small it is, it does matter and puts a huge impact to your life in the future..

This little thing... that is a part of your body, would bring good or bad depends on how you control your mouth to say words you speak out.. Some says, "silent is gold", but there is time when you have to speak up, with manners..

This little thing... that is the sentence you speak out, would praise or hurt someone in some ways, intentionally or unintentionally.. There is a wise word, "watch your words, think before you speak", indeed would be a wise thing to do before any regrets occur from your words..

This little thing.. that is the act that you take, would bring a help or burden to someone around you.. The way you treat others would be the "hidden treasure" that you will find in the future.. "Treat others as how you want to be treated" would fit your action before you do something..

This little thing.. a true feeling that lies within yourself, called as your heart, which is the most sensitive and weak in some ways.. Every single thing mentioned above will bring huge affection to this little thing.. Nobody can predict the feeling flow in your heart, happiness is a simple decision yet difficult to pass on..

That every little thing, would simply bring happiness and sadness at the same time, depends on which perspective you see it happens.. You won't be able to please everyone at the same time.. Those little things would lead you to something good or something bad, depends on your decision and readiness to face the best thing in your life..


  1. Hello! Nice to see you post something :)

    Abis bertapa di gunung turun2 bawa postingan yg berbobot, mantap :D hahaha~

    1. Hahaha, iyah neh, 3bulan hilang dari peredaran, dapat ilham super dalam hihihi... Ternyata ditungguin yak post nya :D

  2. Heart was fragile. The heart can not be too guarded, because instead we will spoil (because we are basically not perfect in doing good). Yes it can sometimes be too weak if we are not able to treat him well, but for those who are able the heart strong enough to sustain it. The heart talking about who the real owner. Heart belongs to Him..

    Mouth was incredible. Mouth is the easiest to use when we want to say something, in contrast to the heart. Mouth sometimes we can use to say inappropriate things and sometimes we can use to praise someone. Why were created mouth? Actually mouth is for admit and praise Him in everything we do.

    1. Behhh, dapet reply yg nambahin post jd lebih maknyuss ahaha... Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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