Tuesday, December 18, 2012

His Way of Reminder

In life, we would always face thing as good times and hard times.. Each of us has our own hard times, depends on how we see the situation as it is.. But then, it was usually a tough time for us to drive us back to our 'normal' condition..

The funny thing is, God has His own unique way to remind us to get back on our feet..

On my personal experience, it was really quite funny and unexpected.. When I was in deep down-time of mine, we were having a time where we put random positive notes shared on our @SL_YC service (inspired by Jubilee Project #DoingGoodIsContagious.. Check it here).. And somehow on that day, I took three random notes, which I didn't know what's the content at all, since it was put randomly on chairs, and we don't even see what's the text behind the notes..

And guess what I've got? Magically, those three notes got the same message : Cheer up!! When I found this, it was somehow encouraging, yet funny to me.. One question that suddenly came up to mind : how is this possibly happening? Seems these notes really know what I need to do..

On the next day, while accompanying a friend to get a gift, there's another 'cheer-up' note appeared to my eyes, and it somehow hanged right in front of my face..

Amazing, isn't it? I'm still amazed of that moment, as how it appears at the right time..

Never think of God is abandoning us on our hard times, for He never leaves us, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.. I always believe in this : there is always something good as lesson-learned in any hard times we have..


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