Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Been a while away...

Wahh, udah lama bett enggak buka blogger gw, baru nyadar kalo ternyata bulan Juli ini gw absen posting >.< Yah, sebenarnya bukan karena enggak ada inspirasi, tapi masih disibukkan dengan beberapa hal, yang sebagiannya akan gw ceritain di post ini, mostly personal, but will keep it as fun as possible :)
Things have been quite tough this month, especially on some huge decisions that I have to make and take action upon it.. One of them, decision to quit my current job..

Setelah sekian lama dipertahankan, berusaha mengerjakan beberapa perubahan, akhirnya gw memutuskan bahwa this is the end of the fight.. Kalo ada yang menyadari, post gw belakangan ini lebih banyak diceritain dari #LessonLearned yang gw dapatkan dari apa yang gw lalui dalam pekerjaan gw..
Being in a tough position, with tons of responsibilites along with tons of pressures that will never get an end, unless one side realizes that something need to be changed.. Cukup dengan semua itu, dan biarlah itu semua jadi satu pengalaman besar buat gw, mengenai bagaimana cara menjalankan suatu operasional dan management dengan lebih baik di kemudian hari..

I am so thankful for the opportunities given, I was being entrusted to manage, maintain, and serve the company to achieve certain fixable level.. It was a fun yet stressful time to be able to work along with Gussmann Indonesia team, and indeed a great time to be able to cooperate well with Gussmann Malaysia team..
Thanks to Daniel, Jennifer (especially, you know what I mean :D), Yen, William, Ang, Ivan, Khen (former Gussmann :P), KokHaw, ChinYee, Toh, aTheo, aCheah, and all other Gussmann Malaysia Team who has treated me well when I was  paying a visit there :) *hey, I just realized I didn't get some pictures with you guys!*
Thanks to Ko Aswan (the boss who entrusted me all this), Ko Hengky, Ko Apiau, who has given me a great guidance during my serving time as a manager; the GTI Team: Ardi, Herman, Hamzah, Chandra, Ridwan, Deni, Reyhan, Dennis, Royce (the great helper on his internship time) for the cooperation during the working hours, and all other rest of LandSeAir members, esp CinHun cc, who has given me a lot of tough lessons that develops me as a better manager :)
free time for lunch
the birthday "surprise" @ office
I wouldn't get a huge development upon my skills, especially in the critical thinking and solution providing, if I refused this job on the earlier time.. I thank God for all the opportunities, relationship, and trust built during the process over a year and a half time..

The company has grown bigger with more customers and more units installed, with the project plan of CPO Monitoring system, and some other monitoring systems that are currently developed.. The reason why I quit in such a time? It would be better left unspoken, just be the particular people who know this keep it just between you and me :) It just due to some plans that have already halted back then, before I was being placed in Medan..

Where will I be next?
Here comes the big plan, I decide to get myself back to J-town :D *well, enw, some of you might already know about this though :P*.. The decision is taken not due to Vinia is there, nope, but more to the major plan that I made, which should be still left unspoken as well, but you might see it on closest time :)

Definitely will give a chance of luck to apply on a new job, assisting my plan in the future, with the background of ComputerScience half-geek bachelor, with the experience of conducting Management and some WebDeveloping skills.. How will it match with the requirements of the new company I am looking for? Only God will make it happens :)

Well, enw, it's just a slight update about me.. Been busy with my final tasks before leaving on September.. Definitely preparing myself for a greater journey ahead :) Will post something related with the July activities on upcoming post, after I finished my final tasks :) So, just you wait for it :)

*the reason why I posted this in English, so that my colleagues in Malaysia can read this too :) I know some of you read my posts, hope y'all enjoy :D*

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