Sunday, June 6, 2010

Revision on First Time Story

Hmm, nie langsung tertulis setelah gw duduk dan membaca ulang post gw yang First Time, sepertinya gw sangat sukses mempermalukan diri gw sendiri yah disana -_-" haha.. Dan ntah knapa, tiba2 kayaq kesambit sekali lagi, I have to write a better one.. Tiba2 terlintas aja sendiri, harusnya gw bikin yang lebih bermutu, dibanding gw mempermalukan diri gw sendiri :P

Kayaqnya untuk lain kali gw ga boleh langsung post kali yah, mesti baca, bikin revisi, dan dibenerin dulu ceritanya, baru post :P Sepertinya mesti belajar lebih banyak lagi untuk menulis cerita hehe..

Tapi, seperti yang gw bilang di akhir post yang sebelumnya, gw sepertinya lebih ke arah penulis impromptu, dibanding sebagai penulis yang menulis dengan mempersiapkan diri dengan bahan2, dan untuk yang revisi ini juga, tertulis dan ditumpahkan langsung dari apa yang terlintas di pikiran gw hehe..

Moga2 aja lebih baik dan lebih bener :P Dan untuk kali ini, gw mencoba membahas dalam versi English, biar gw sekalian ngelatih diri gw lagi hehe..

Every first time experience brings us an unexpected and unforgettable moments in our life. In almost everything that we have been through in our daily activities, since we were small kids, until we grow up and be mature, every single thing that we go through, must have its first time experience for us.

We treasure each of that experience within ourselves, and we take it as a lesson for us, to be better on next time.
Not everyone might do great on their first time, some might be just a normal result, or even worse; but then, we learn something out of it, and use that as a lesson of life, to turn ourselves to be a better person.

Some of us might have fears in starting on something, including me. Maybe we just be cautious on any results that it might come out, or even worse, we can't accept the outcome that might affect our routines / plans.
One thing that we need to be sure of, there is always something we learn out of anything we do. Mistakes doesn't turn us to be wrong, but what we need to think of is: "Something is wrong, means that we haven't found the clue to do it right YET". People tends to be afraid of making mistakes, for others might mock them for being wrong. But then, it is actually a step for us to get things right.

I was always grumpy back then, I tends to make mistakes (up till today), and most of the times, people around me (even from my parents) always say that I am useless. I always thought, why they never praise me on something.

But wait, that WAS back then.. But now, as I grow more mature *ehem.. indeed I am :)*, I realize something, that is not a mock for me, it is actually an encouragement! Why they said so back then? So that I know, I still need to figure out more to make it even better from what I had done. Why they do so? So that I never stop looking on more ideas. If I already satisfied with that, I will not search for more, for I have already been satisfied with the result, and I will not learn more things that I might find more.

The First Time experiences sometimes might be exciting, or maybe scary for us, yet they always provide us lessons of life, that turn us to be a better person in the future :)

Never stop exploring, never stop trying.. *yea yea.. telling in words is easier than take it into action*, so start to act now! *I have to do so as well :P*

So, what do you think? much better? hehe.. It's a double post! One with silly story, this one should be an exciting and wise lesson for each of us :D


Perlu komeng dan keripik!! Kan uda baca tuh, versi acak2an, dan versi wise.. versi indo dan versi English.. Nah, yang mana yah yang lebih baik? Kasi masukan yah, jadi untuk post berikutnya, gw bisa membawa cerita yang lebih seru lagi :) Thanks..


  1. ke$hian, kagak ada yang comment... gue deh mulai, sesama pemilik blog yang sepi komentar :hammer:

    gue baca judul lu, kirain lu mau cerita tentang first time lu, er, ehm ehm.... lol

    versi acak2an atau versi wise? emang lo wise? wakakakak, becanda. tapi serius, emang lo wise? wakakakak, becanda. tapi serius, emang lo wise? wakakakak.....

    versi indo atau versi English? nurut gue Indo aja tapi selipkan quote2 Inggris, daripada nulis2 Inggris tapi yang baca belum tentu ngerti. Apa tuh pepatahnya? Kalo di negeri orang, ikutin rules negeri itu, atau semacamnya... kek gitu deh maksudnya.

    "most of the times, people around me always say that I am useless" -> bener banget, happens to everybody, but really, think about it, it's your life. Who died and made them king of anything? kata Sara Bareilles.

    Tentang first time experience, gampang aja sih kalau bilang/mikir "You'll never know till you try" (Naruto banget) atau "Failure is the first step to success" atau yang baru gue baca (entah siapa yang quote, maksudnya keren tapi kedengarannya jadi agak aneh) "Pemberani hanya mati sekali, penakut mati 1000 kali" kira2 artinya orang yang mau mencoba hanya gagal sekali, yang gak mencoba gagal selamanya. Tapi, literally, kalo mati, ya mati, mau mati 1 kali atau 1000x toh tetap mati, so what's the point? Back to the topic, gampang emang kalau ngomong, tapi pas prakteknya pasti banyak faktor yang menghalangi.

    i think, experience and do is a different thing.

    It's easy to experience new things, cos we have no control of what we'll experience (like in your case, missed the flight)

    But it's not so easy to do new things, we all have doubts in our minds. Life's not a game where we can save and load whenever we want. One wrong step, we'll end up at a different finish line than the one we thought up at the beginning.

  2. test Comment ajah.. GPL (Ga pake lama) koq..


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