Sunday, October 23, 2016

[OPINION] #whereIStheLOVE (EN)

note: this post might contain high-level sarcasms to any parties. If you are a type of high-level sensitivity towards yourself and feel being slapped hard by this post, keep calm and embrace this through, then reflect whether this is true or not, and start to change and spread LOVE :) I intentionally create this post in English and Bahasa, so that everyone who found this post would hopefully be enlightened to create a better world together. Please read whichever convenient for you :)

My recent Facebook timeline has shown too much hatred from various posts about local election, US election, racism, and so on..

There has been a lot going on in the world at this moment, and everything has one similar context : people stand in what they believe is right, and curse what they believe is wrong..

Here are two example that I would describe in this post, related with how people drive their opinion towards a certain topic:

1. Election
Jakarta Governor election has been in the heat recently. The hatred blasts to current Governor for he is Chinese and non-Muslim, and eventually being used as political strategy to bring him down from his position, especially from the radical religion group.

The same goes to US President election. Trump began with all his campaign about how he is irritated by certain races, and how he is planning to make America Great Again (personally, wonder how it would be in his hand).. On the other side, Clinton, with all possible flaws that she had, proceed with some strategies, but on the debate show, prove that she is easily triggered by certain cases, and the debate went to a finger-pointing show.

So many people posted about pros and cons, and spread it all through by people sharing the contents on their social media, in which, sometimes still need to be validated upon the news shared.

2. Religion
This would be a never ending issue, whenever it comes to a radical group. Continuing from the first on Local Election, some radical groups started to post things about how non-Muslim should not be the nation leader, for it was told that *on their version* against Qur'an.

With this in mind, I am wondering, is our nation is Muslim nation or what? In my believe, everyone can be the leader, as long as he/she got a good stand point and work it out to make the nation better.

On the post, I started to see more people share about how radical it goes, and how some people stand on "their right side" by blasting news that might not be from reliable sources.

Do your research!
In this internet era, we can find anything, anytime, anywhere we want whenever we heard about something interesting. Later, we share those information with others on our social media, if we think it is necessary.

Be minded, not all news you read online, are true!

People spread information and news from various sources, that in some way, the sources should be questioned on the fairness of the content itself.

Please do a check on it before sharing the post on your timeline. Things may get uglier as when hatred is spread.

Let's be smart on this. And as well, spread more love than hate.

- XT