Sunday, October 4, 2009

Open your mind and heart

here goes the second post :)

well, so many things happened in the past few days, and i'll be so glad to share this with everyone of you :) hope y'all enjoy, and not getting bored with my post :P

-Recent Works-

well, already entering the work life since back to Jakarta, start with everything new :) thanks to Arly, who have been so patient in assisting me in the projects :) we're working well mate ^^ hehe

currently happy with my work, although it sometimes requires work till late at night during the deadline -_-" but that's work! we have to be ready for the consequences though :D hehe

-Recent Thoughts-

There's something that I got from my first 'komsel' experience, and thanks to Patricia for the great topic about God's presence in our life. She brought this topic so well, so that I want to share this with everyone else from my blog :) *you'll definitely won't mind bout this rite, Pat? Correct me if I made a mistake on the words :D*

well, some parts might not be similar to what she said, this has been added up with my own opinion as well, but it isn't running away from the main meaning :)

There are 4 reasons why we can rarely feel the presence of God in our life:
  1. Being too busybody
  2. Anger
  3. Anxiety
  4. Lingering too long on so many problems
And Pat gives us two solutions to get it:
  1. Bring ourselves closer to Him
  2. Dare to do some sacrifices for others.
Well, here goes my opinion :)

We often feel mad at Him whenever we feel so much problems occurred in our life and it is never ending. But, if we see it on the positive side, through these problems we faced, we always learn something new, and we can use the experiences to face our life for our better future.

Most of us would have been in such an emotional state when we are facing our problems, and we can hardly think of any solutions, yet we sometimes blamed Him for every problems. And why should we do so? That's us when we can't think clearly of a solution, then we did all that, then later, we will walk away from Him slowly, for our problems have not yet been solved.

Well, I believe that there's no such problems that has no solutions at all. He has prepared everything for us, to make a better us in the future. Yet, the problem is, have we seek for Him, not only while we are having a problem, but also while we are having our joy?

As the solutions provided by Pat, I agree about being closer to Him. FYI, I'm not christian yet, but we'll never know what will happen in the future, but I believe that when we put ourselves close to Him, we would find peace in our life. We shouldn't just seek for Him while we are having problems, but we should also put our praise when we are in happiness and joy. There will be never ending blessings in your life and peace will be with you when you do so.

Lately, i feel more peaceful after put myself closer, by following the church sessions. I do admit, at first, it might be so awkward, but if you put yourself truly to the sessions, pay attention to the preachers, and then try to implement it to our life; things will greatly change into a better life :)

Well, as the hardest part is to implement the preaches to our life. So, everything is back on us, can we open our mind and heart to do some changes? so that we can be a better self in our future..

The choice is yours.. This is just a part of my sharing, and trying to open some minds and hearts, so that we can feel peace in our life :)

It also applies the same on the sacrifice issue. Most of us, having such a strong ego in our mind, so that we often feel that it is difficult to sacrifice some of our time for others.

For me, I would never hesitate myself to sacrifice some of my time for my friends when I am available on doing so. We, human beings, could not live alone, that's why we need each other. It is so much fun when you see someone's smile after they get our helps, and they could solve their problems by our helps. It just feels great to see that simple pure smile from someone.

We often think that we need something in mutual return from our help, but I never expect so, but it would be great if they could help me as well in the future when I need them.

So, the conclusion of all these, is that try to open your heart and mind, then put yourself close to Him, and feel His blessings around you. For whatever a man sows, that he will also reap (Gal 6:7). If you sow kindness and happiness around you, that you will also reap in the future.


That's all folks, hope this could help us all to open our heart and mind to positive things :) GBU all..

N.B. : Sebenarnya bingung mendingan bikin post dalem bahasa inggris atw bahasa indo yah? buat yang baca, tolong berikan masukan nya yah. Moga2 bacaan ini bisa menghibur jiwa teman2 :)


  1. great one! be positive and flexible guys.. :)

  2. tolong xang,,,kalo panjang itu bahasa indo aja...yang baca males kadang2 hahaha,,,anyway that's my opino :D

  3. Well, like you said, knowing and doing is a totally different thing. I sincerely hope that you would also pay the same attention to your family, because those who are sharing and care too much with their surrounding tends to forget their closest people. They thought that family would understand them best and in the end they hurt them unconsciously. I've seen this once and I hope you don't fall into the same mistakes. :)


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