Tuesday, September 29, 2009

move out.. new and fresh 'bake' stories :)

Phew, it's been a long time not posting any posts in the blog..

well, welcoming my new blog url http://pisankgoblog.blogspot.com/ :) previously i did my blog on friendster, but it had been a long time not logging in, and rarely posted any stories back then, but for those who wants to get the stories, just check it out @ http://xang.blog.friendster.com/ :D won't mind if you gonna bookmark my page hehe..

hmm, getting new with my new blog, means that i come up with more interesting, grown up, and full-of-thoughts stories.. It may came up with arguments that might not suit the others, but this would be just a sharing, so for those who want to comments, feel free for it :)

here goes my first issue :D hope y'all enjoy :)

-Sharing stories-

For some people, it is not easy to trust someone to keep their secret or problems. This may be caused by betrayal of his/her friends at the previous times, whom he/she had trusted so much to keep the secret, but they told the stories to others..

I do love to share my stories and problems to others, although I have just known them for couple hours. Most people asked me why I did things like that? You don't even know them, yet you have shared your stories. Can they be trusted?

hmm, one of the reasons why i did things like that, is simply because i want to let them know that I trust them, so that they could do the same way to me. We would hardly gain others' trust, before we do so :) By then, we can share problems, and we learn from each other to turn ourselves into a better person.

IMO, we can do things better through sharing, so that we know how others' experience while facing the issue, and we could have prepared ourselves when we face similar situation.

So, never stop sharing ideas, so that our creativity will never die. Never be afraid of sharing, for it will help us in shaping ourselves to the future :) Be open-minded as well, so that it would be a great moment of sharing ^^

This is one of my way to do sharing, and how's yours? Make it happen :D



  1. hahaha...mantap xang :D
    kita udagh lama banget yagh ngak nge-blog negh...kadang2 gw bingung harus nulis apa,,,masa nulis gw melolo tiap hari di melbourne...apa gag bosen itu para fans2 diluar sana (hoek2x....)

  2. baru baca neh blog di tempat baruu.. haha..
    ud lama ga exist neh para blogger ;p, pdhal dulu dikit2 pd nge blog..
    lmyn buat bahan bacaan gw klo ga ada kerjaan.. wkwkkw
    happy blogging lg deh..

    anyway, "it is not easy to trust someone to keep their secret or problems", stuujuuu... hahah
    ga smua org bs easily share problems/secrets as u do.. good for u deh.. hahah..


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