Friday, December 26, 2008

Another year is going to end..

wow, it's been 2months not updating my blog here xD i'm trying to put some entries, but somehow there was no ideas of any topics to be discussed around (sigh..)

well, without any hesitation, first of all, wanna greet all of those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas all :) may everyone get a joyous Christmas day ^^

huahh, another year is going to end again.. lots of joys and sadness occurred through the year of 2oo8 :) having a lot of new friends, while some of old friends had already lost contact.. the important thing is that i learned a lot in this year.. perhaps i could say that i have changed myself into somewhat someone different from my previous year (if others might agree with that :P)


let's see the 2oo8 resolution i had made in early year, it was posted on my previous blog though (click to get the url ^^)

the first one, it was a failure again :( getting fat issues is really damn hard to go (lol).. here i am, stay the same skinny guy xP hahaha.. well, actually i already gained weight a lil bit though, but it's all over due to a crazy diarrhea for three days, and lost 3kilos at the same time (huff...) though not getting fat, in other way i see that it became muscled up (lol).

the second one, i guess it was still d same old bad habit (huff...) though it had been improved just a lil bit on d study, still on some issues of laziness still occurred (lol) probably it's been my uniqueness xD hahaha..

the third one, i could say it was quite a huge struggle, and its worth for the struggle :) i had found someone ^^ thanks to all those who support me during the time, and thanks to her for accepting me ^^ Love u dear :)

last one, hmm.. i can't tell it myself.. i guess it should be those people who know me to judge on this one :) for me, i believe that i have changed my way of thought a lot.. trying to see something from its positive side is really fun way to enjoy ur life, making it less pain or thinking of any sufferings (though sometimes it still happened.. nobody's perfect :P)


what had happened during d past 2oo8? a lot for sure! many joyful and sad moments occurred though, from rejection to acceptance, lost and found.. all of these stories u could read from the previous posts :) maybe i'll just put some short reviews here, for detailed, just check it out on previous posts :)

i could say that it was a bad beginning of 2oo8, which most likely i wouldn't want to remember, but just that i could say :P things getting better afer turning 21 ^^

well, being 21 in this year is trully a crazy thing (lol). exactly 1minute after the date showed to May 2nd, a sudden crazy party was done in my room (lol) but thanks for that moment :)

not so long after that, i lost my beloved granma.. well, though i hated her during my childhood for her strictness, but now i'm grateful for that, it teaches me how to be a better one :) thanks granma, miss you so much..

n then, the bad start turned out to be a good ending though :) in d middle year, i finally found someone ^^ (just like a title of a song xD).. after a long consideration and stuffs, we finally set 20/07/2008 as d celebration date :) though there are still lots of challenges to be fight for in the future, hope both of us can through all fo these challenges ^^ (amin..)

and i guess that's all for the slight short flashback on what happened in 2008 :) hope things would be better in d next year :)


hmm.. it's been the 4th year being in Jakarta (lol).. nearly the end of study, and gonna go for work life soon (amin..) preparing for the thesis works, after learning from friends who had already done the thesis time.. hopefully could do it best and get a good grade :)

well, i guess that's all for this blog. maybe next blog would discuss more on silly things (lol) just wait for the story to come :)

last but not least, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (soon) wkwkwk..




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