Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: The Reset

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2012 has ended just yesterday.. A lot of stuffs happening in there, flashing back to all those memories after re-reading through each month post that I wrote through it.. It was a nice year, a bit tough to pass through, yet I made it through *thanks Lord!*

2013 has just begun.. For me, I would call it as The Reset.. 

Things have changed a lot from what it was last year; a lot of experiences made through, lesson-learned, step of courage and faith, you name it..

This year, everything begins nearly fresh new..

Why is it The Reset?
As I can tell, I barely start my new job at Groupon Disdus, a great place to work around.. I believe there will be a great journey for my career path to grow through :) Thanks @DYahya07, @yokonaraL and @mademoisellelyd who has highly recommended me to work in there :) God blesses y'all :D

Social life indeed going to another level.. Getting into new work environment means more friends to come :) Glad to know people who work at Groupon Disdus, a lot of "Suha" *read: great* people inside there.. Gonna get a lot to learn and know more from each of them :) Hope I can be a good partner for y'all :D

At the same time, learning to keep a good contact with my close friends, the Chumbawambah, @SL_YC families, colleagues, univ-friends and others.. Hopefully I can maintain a good time to keep in touch with everyone I recall :)

Living? Surely this will be a new journey.. As the new job is on-the-go, I should begin to find a new place to live on.. Thanks @ColinMatthewK and families for the hospitality to let me stay around ever since I move back to J-town until today :) God blesses them for their kindness :)

Relationship? Well, I'm not quite sure yet to get through a new relationship this year.. As the new year resolution, I would just learn more to be a better person before turning into relationship.. Still got a lot to learn through I guess :P Last year was so much fun, though it has to last..
Going for a new relationship? Well, not quite sure though, but we won't know what will happen next on this story :P Surprise me!

Love my family so much, I hope I can show more love upon them in a way that I would like to show it..
My Big Sis is going to have her 3rd child soon this January *Yay!!*.. Praying for having a great and healthy baby to come to the world :)
Nieces and nephews are growing older.. The cuteness has turned to another level *oh well, I define cute in different angle :P*.. It's great to see them growing from time to time..

2013 is definitely a brand new start of every little thing I do.. Each of us may have our own resolution to be achieved towards this year.. Let's have a great journey ahead! :) As the pic tells, everyday is special! So, never missed those special moments that would be upcoming in 2013..

Happy New Year, fellas! ;)


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