Saturday, June 28, 2008

after exam...

hey..back again on my blogging ^^ after passing the hell weeks of exams and projects due, now i can sit back and relax typing some blogs again =)

there were several things happened lately, and i guess the story will be so long for this one hehehe maybe it would be cut to 2 blogs if necessary =P

=== moving out ===

well, i haven't got time to post about this one, but it has been one issue for me and my housemates..

one day, one of the housemates found another place nearby our boarding house, and it cost us cheaper than the place where we are living right now.. the place also provides more rooms (up to 15 rooms) and the most important thing, the land-lady doesn't live there..

seeing this chance, because of the cheaper issue, we all try to take a look on the new place.. well, i can say the place is quite convenient for me, but somehow, the room is smaller than the one provided here.. it is looked similar to my first room here (the small and tiny room that only fits 3 people at max =P), but it has its own bathroom inside..

after decided to take a room there, we all tried to let our land-lady acknowledge bout our plan to move out.. she was quite shocked, because all of us are going to move out =P and later on, we let her know the reason why we decided to move..

well, the monthly fee for the house is quite expensive.. for my room, i have to pay 1.75 million for the room only, and it's not yet included with the electricity and internet fee.. usually in one month, i have to pay around 2 million for one month.. compared to the new place, it would cost me 1.5 million for one month, included with the electricity already.. the internet will be shared again later on with the others.. so approximately in total around 1.6 million..

the others had already decided to move to the new place.. but i was still confused, cuz i had too much things to move out, and yet, i had felt convenient with my current room.. it is quite big, compared to the new places =P

last night, i was just having a discussion with the land-lady, and she agreed to lower my room price, from 1.75 to 1.5 million ^^ by then, i decided to stay rather than to move =) though the consequence is that i'm gonna be alone in the house T_T

hmm...gonna miss the moment with you guys.. lots of fun here ^^

=== holiday ===

well, nothing to say bout this one.. the truth is, i don't have any holiday T_T my last exam finished on 24th, and on the next day, i already began my Compact Semester.. at first, i didn't plan to take any classes.. i planned on going back home, having a nice 2 months holiday, and back to Jakarta on September for e.COM 08 (come and watch!! it's gonna be fun ^^)

but somehow, my plan needed to be changed T_T i was planning to take a course on my 7th semester, but somehow, the schedule was crashed with the other courses (damn...) and i was suggested to take the course during the Compact Semester.. well, i won't say it was a bad idea at all, since i am going to be the O'days committee again (though it wasn't as a mentor anymore =P).. i was appointed as the Head of Property (thanks for the position hehehe).. therefore, i can set my preparation for O'days, while i am having a class, rather than i got nothing to do, and just wandering around =P

well, hopefully it would be fun during my Compact semester ^^

=== personal ===

hmm.. what about this one? well, i just can say everything is going well ^^ though not all of it as i had planned, but yet, i can say that i feel so nice and comfortable at the moment ^^

thanks to those friends that have supported me all d time (auLia, kur2, peTer, sRi, daVin, GocHi and lots more to be mentioned, it was just too Long hehehe).. maybe from the helps that you guys shown to me, had made me a better one ^^ sorry if i always bother with problems and questions hehehe.. really thanks for the helps ^^

well, time goes by so fast, it has been my third year of school, and prepare to enter the fourth =P kinda missed the moment back there on my first and second year.. lots of funs with my friends.. looking back on the pictures that i saved in my laptop, it just brings back the old time memories, and also the changes of each people in the pictures hehehe.. but somehow, they said that i stay the same hahaha...

i also missed my parents and families, since i had already planned to have a two-months holiday with them, but somehow it has to be cancelled T_T loving y'all, mom and dad especially...

humm...wat else to be told? maybe we just figure it out in the upcoming blogs hehehe...hope u enjoy this one ^^ the best is yet to come hohoho (hopefully =P)..




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